Slither İo

Slither İo (Görüntülenme Sayısı: 99)
Sektör Oyun - Oyuncak Sektörü
İlan Tarihi 5 yıl önce
Firma No 410
Web Sitesi
Adres İstanbul
İl/İlçe İstanbul / İstanbul
Firma Hakkında
How to Play It’s pretty simple, really. You’re a snake, and you’re pretty hungry. Your job is to guide your snake around the map, eating up all the orbs you can find. Tap or click on the screen to move. This being a multiplayer game, you can’t pause If you bump into another snake, you will explode and die. slitherio play If another snake bumps into you, they will explode and die. If you double-tap or double-click on the screen, you get a speed boost, which is handy for overtaking other snakes. There’s no real ‘victory’ condition in, so your goal in the game is just to become as big as powerful.